What are the benefits of 1% membership?

As a 1% for the Planet individual member, you will:

— Belong to a diverse and powerful global network of businesses and individuals supporting a full spectrum of environmental solutions.

— Gain access to our strategic impact advising to find nonprofit partners and support the causes and communities you care about.

— Incorporate a structured commitment to the environment into your lifestyle.

— Engage directly with the 1% for the Planet network through events and other opportunities.

— Receive an individual member logo and other branded collateral to communicate your membership and encourage others to join you in making a bold statement for our planet.

Is there a minimum donation you will accept?

Our aim is for every individual, regardless of income level, to be able to join as an individual member by pledging to donate 1% of your annual salary. However, we do require a $50 minimum membership dues payment to help cover the cost of the program, and to be able to provide you with the benefits listed above.

Are there membership dues?

Yes, 1% for the Planet individual members donate annual membership dues at sign up, and each year upon renewing membership. Membership dues count toward your overall annual giving pledge. The minimum dues payment is 10% of your total pledge (or a minimum $50, whichever is greater). Members have the opportunity to donate a higher percentage as they deem appropriate. 1% for the Planet annual membership fees help to cover operational costs associated with certifying member donations, building updated marketing assets, researching and vetting nonprofit partners, and hosting networking events. Annual fees also allow us to invest in growing our global network by reaching out to new potential members and educating consumers about the value of supporting 1% for the Planet members.

How do you vet your nonprofit partners?

Any environmental nonprofit who becomes a partner in our network must be referred by a 1% for the Planet member, or our staff. This referral is the first layer of our approval process. We then verify their necessary nonprofit registration, and confirm the organization has sound financials. We ensure the environment is the primary focus of all approved nonprofits by having them complete an application, which assesses mission, program/projects, areas of impact and other factors. A nonprofit is invited to join the network as a partner if it passes these initial checks.

How do I know for sure what happens to my donation?

A common misconception is that monetary donations come to us and then we grant it to various nonprofits. This is not the case. You'll give directly to approved nonprofit partners of your choosing. Direct giving helps put dollars in the hands of doers quickly and efficiently with 1% for the Planet providing the expert guidance necessary to ensure it's the smartest donation possible. We can help you identify approved nonprofits that have solid reporting practices.

Can I donate to more than one nonprofit?

Yes! You can support multiple nonprofit partners as part of your pledge. You'll know your pledge amount - you can divide your donations between organizations as you see fit.

Can I give more than my 1%?

Of course! If you're able, you can always donate more than your 1% pledge amount.

What do you mean by you'll "certify donations" each year?

You'll self-report your 1% pledge, and then share receipts from donations you make to nonprofit partners throughout the year. We record these donations, and confirm that each member is fulfilling their annual 1% pledge. All donations need to be made during the calendar year, before December 31. This third party certification provides credibility and represents an annual opportunity for individual members to assess their giving strategy.

Are donations tax deductible?

1% for the Planet donations go directly from businesses to nonprofits. To ensure that your donation is tax deductible, you will need to confirm with your nonprofit partner.

What if I want to donate, but I don't want to commit to giving 1% of my earnings?

Can I give less? More? You are always welcome to give more than your 1% pledge! If you can't commit to giving your full 1% amount now, we welcome general support donations to help fuel our work. However, we do ask that individual members pledge 1% of annual salary or net worth. We do not ask you to report your actual annual salary, but we encourage all individual members to strive to meet this high standard.

What if I want to donate to a nonprofit that is not on your list?

As a member, you will have access to our vetted network of nonprofit partners. We highly encourage individuals to consider giving to one of the multitude of nonprofits who are already in-network. In the event you'd like to support an environmental nonprofit outside our network as part of your membership, we will provide you with the opportunity to refer a nonprofit for consideration. To join our network, they will need to apply and fully meet our standards for nonprofit participation. We ask that you carefully consider before referring a new nonprofit partner; our existing network is pretty amazing and diverse!

If you have any additional individual membership questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to or give us a call at 802-861-0460.


What is certification?

Certification is the annual process we go through with all individual members to confirm that they have met their 1% for the Planet pledge. Individuals are encouraged to hold themselves accountable for having donated the equivalent of 1% of salary to approved nonprofits through monetary and/or volunteer support.

— Each year, 1% donations can be made via monetary and/or volunteer contributions to approved nonprofits.

How do I certify?

To complete certification, members confirm annual salary through a self-reporting honor system. They also report donation receipts from their nonprofit partners.

How do you calculate a value for volunteer time?

Members report the number of hours volunteered we will use the average value of $25/hr USD to calculate the in-kind donation.

Are my donations tax deductible?

In most cases, if you are making donations to approved nonprofit partners in your country of residence, then they will be tax deductible; however, we recommend confirming this with potential nonprofit beneficiaries and/or your tax advisor prior to making a donation.

Are membership dues part of my 1% donations?

Membership dues can count toward your total 1% for the Planet giving commitment.

How much are membership dues?

Membership dues are paid as a percentage of your total giving pledge. There is a minimum donation of 10% of your total giving (or a minimum $50, whichever is greater), although many members choose to give more to support the growth of the global network.

Who can I give money to?

Donations are made to approved nonprofit partners. If an eligible environmental nonprofit is not already part of our network, 1% for the Planet members have the ability to recommend them to join with your commitment to support them.

Having trouble finding the answer to your question? Contact us. Please allow us 48 hours to follow up due to the high volume of inquiries we receive.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about 1% for the Planet. We can’t grow this global movement without you!