Sometimes, this media partner support is newsletter placement, sometimes it’s digital advertising, sometimes it’s a half-page ad in a monthly magazine. We understand that in an evolving media landscape, the opportunities may look different, but if you care deeply for our planet and you are willing to share space with us, then we’d love to speak with you. Luckily we have plenty of world class media and communications assets to support you and add value to your platform.

Examples of 1% for the Planet branding incorporated in advertising examples.

Don’t forget that your voice and platform can be a powerful tool in helping create a healthier planet for all of us!

Through each unique partnership, we aim to:

  • Spark editorial ideas

  • Exchange organizational news

  • Provide fresh creative to leverage

  • Connect media partners to our network

How does it work? 

  • We’ll tell you what’s new in our world, and we want to hear what’s new in yours. In our communications, we’ll share the latest from our network and any organizational updates or other content that will help spark cross-promotional and editorial ideas. 

  • We can send you fresh creative, as needed. We'll want to know from you what assets we can provide to best support your communications and goals. When we determine collaboration opportunities and your creative needs, we’ll request your latest dimensions and details as well as anticipated timing of 1% placements or other useful details.

  • We encourage you to email a 1%-exclusive media deal. This will help connect your publication with the network. In doing so, we recommend you include a time frame, promotion code, and full redemption details. We’re always looking to solicit any new or additional network offers.

  • We provide our brand guidelines for easy reference. We want to ensure our brand is treated consistently across different executions and materials. You can bank on the same from us!

  • We want to amplify each unique partnership! As such, we'll welcome your ideas and collaboration and will look forward to keeping in touch to do so.

    To learn more about our program and see whether you'd be a good fit, please contact us


Interested in learning more about our media partner program and helping us raise awareness?

We would love your support. Please contact us.