Grow the 1% for the Planet movement along with your brand through our approved promotional support program.

Get credit toward your 1% for the Planet annual commitment by paying to promote your partnership and the impact of your giving.

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Very few nonprofits, particularly small and mid-sized nonprofits, have the budgets to advertise the incredibly important work that they do. That’s why approved promotional support is built into the 1% for the Planet giving model (up to ¼ of your total giving each year) as one of the multiple ways that you can meaningfully support your nonprofit partner(s) beyond making monetary contributions. Assuming you meet the requirements of the program, the actual promotional expenditure you incur to deploy the message will help to satisfy your 1% giving commitment.

We encourage you to be creative. Popular channels for taking advantage of this program include digital, social media and print advertising; however, we’ve also seen members deploy paid promotion via billboards, radio, influencer marketing and other advertising methods.

Through the approved promotional support program, we ask our members to communicate their 1% for the Planet membership and highlight the nonprofit(s) they support. This creates a win-win-win scenario where your audience learns about your core value of supporting our planet, they learn about the important work of the nonprofit(s) you support and you help grow 1% for the Planet brand awareness, which benefits the entire network.