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S3 Episode 1: Leah Thomas

1% for the Planet's Planet Service Announcement podcast returns with a conversation between James, 1% CEO Kate Williams and activist, designer and creator of the Intersectional Environmentalist pledge, Leah Thomas. They discuss systemic racism, lack of inclusion and how to help fix it, allyship and how we can't achieve climate success without first confronting and defeating racism.


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After a spending the first half of his life wandering aimlessly, James Joiner has become an award-winning photographer and writer. He has served as a senior editor at Esquire and senior correspondent and video creative director at The Daily Beast. In 2016, he left a career in traditional journalism to focus on telling stories he finds compelling and creatively satisfying, often with an eye to conservation and the environment and inspiring people to get outside. Additionally, his analog photography work has garnered partnerships with legendary film makers Kodak and Polaroid, and his byline has appeared everywhere from Rolling Stone and National Geographic to Monster Children and The Flyfish Journal.

Recent commercial and creative partners include Patagonia, Specialized, Bandit Wines, Yeti, The Head and the Heart, Modest Mouse, Willie Nelson's Luck Reunion, Keen, and more. Committed to conservation and protecting our environment, James is proud to work with Protect Our Winters as a creative ambassador and 1% for the Planet as both individual member and ambassador. When not on the road chasing stories, James is at home with his family riding bikes, fly fishing, and chasing his dog. You can hear more of his story via this episode of Kodak’s Kodakery podcast.