Partnership of 2019: Khala & Company + National Parks Conservation Association

People for the Planet Awards Partnership of 2019: Khala & Company + National Parks Conservation Association

We’re honoring Khala & Company and National Parks Conservation Association with our People for the Planet Partnership of the Year award. Combining the Khala & Company's passion for the planet and National Parks Conservation Association’s mission for protecting natural areas makes for a truly impactful partnership. This collaboration is proof that when we work together, good things happen for people and the planet.


Asa McKee and Dr. Tamar McKee founded Khala & Company with the goal of providing an alternative to single-use plastics and connecting people with the planet. Asa has a background as a fishing and skiing guide, and always works to drive environmental change in his community. Tamar works as an anthropologist, museum professional, artist, and entrepreneur, but somehow also finds time to fight to decrease negative human impact on the planet. Through Khala & Company, they strive to create partnerships and initiatives that bring positive change for generations to come.

The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) is a nonprofit that protects and enhances national parks by fighting for their conservation, advocating for their importance, and mobilizing others to do the same. The NPCA helps keep national parks safe and accessible for everyone and strives to protect the parks for generations to come. The NPCA and Khala & Company are a natural fit partnership because of their shared values in land conservation and connecting people natural areas.


To protect our national parks is to protect the democratic ideal. They reflect who we are and the values we hold. National parks exist as they do today, for all of us to experience, because of those who came before us. They stood up for parks when it mattered most. And now it’s our turn to answer the call, for all who experience them now and for those who will come long after us. 


This year, Khala & Company partnered with The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) to bring awareness to NPCA’s critical work NPCA. To celebrate NPCA’s 100th anniversary, Khala & Company took original artwork by co-founder Dr. Tamar McKee and turned it into the fabric print “Windows into the Still-Wild” for their reusable food wrap line, Khala Cloths. All proceeds from the wraps support NPCA’s work and hundreds of cloths were donated to Centennial Year events around the U.S. Khala & Company also created the #HonorYourParks campaign, mobilizing their network to amplify NPCA’s work and bring awareness to all the positive change made by the nonprofit.

At 1% for the Planet, we provide our business members with strategic advising services to ensure that their nonprofit partnerships align with their company values and in turn, their 1% commitment makes the most impact possible. Why? Because we’ve found that partnerships that are built on shared values and goals result in stronger relationships that produce long-lasting environmental support. We strive to make every 1% for the Planet partnership as collaborative and impactful as the connection between Khala & Company and the National Parks Conservation Association.