How 1% for the Planet Partnership Advising Works: a case study with Richie Graham


Serving our network: 1% for the Planet provides strategic partnership advising to ensure the most impact possible

''The more time I spend outdoors experiencing beautiful Landscapes, the more I feel compelled to protect them. With gratitude and appreciation for the natural world, I'm proud to donate to 1% for the Planet, and its nonprofit partner organizations.” - RICHIE GRAHAM, MEMBER, AMBASSADOR, PHOTOGRAPHER


In 2018, Richie Graham Photography was just one of our business and individual members that leveraged 1% for the Planet's partnership advising services. As a passionate member and brand ambassador, Richie Graham sought our expertise in aligning with six nonprofit partners in each of our core issue areas: climate, food, land, pollution, water and wildlife.


As our team worked closely with Graham to identify unique goals for each partnership, it was clear that his giving strategies would entail much more than providing monetary support. Graham wanted his partnerships to result in shared storytelling, collaboration, education as well as the opportunity for operational support.

With these objectives in mind, Richie was deeply interested in offering his professional photography services to help the selected nonprofit partners tell their stories. Today, as part of each partnership, Graham offers to travel to each nonprofit to capture them in action and help promote their work through visual storytelling.

In addition to in-person shoots, Richie decided that when a customer purchases a print through Richie Graham Photography, they would participate in the giving process by selecting which of the six nonprofits they would like to support during the checkout process. The website would provide information about each partner to help educate and inform visitors about the nonprofit partner's work.


Understanding the expectations of what each partnership needed to look like, our team pursued a two-step advising process involving initial and final recommendations.

Initial recommendations to Graham consisted of three to four nonprofit partners in each issue area, spanning from ocean plastics to invasive species removal.

Before making final recommendations, our team then connected directly with potential nonprofit partners to confirm interest and capacity for the partnership and also to identify specific project and storytelling opportunities.

From the tailored and vetted final recommendations, Richie was able to select his six nonprofits partners with confidence and excitement.


Once the selection process was complete, our team assisted in forging relationships between Richie and each nonprofit partner. During introductory calls that we facilitated between the parties, Richie engaged directly with the partners to Learn more about their work and plan future projects, such as deciding where in the world he would travel to embark on the immersive Learning and storytelling process.


Today, you can see how these partnerships are coming to Life. So far in 2019, Graham has already traveled from Tanzania to the UK and places in between to share his nonprofit partners' stories. You can follow his travels on as well as 1% for the Planet's social media feeds where we help amplify this deeply meaningful story of collaboration and impact.


Looking ahead, 1% for the Planet will continue to add more rigor to this area. A nonprofit rubric is one of the many initiatives already underway that will advance 1% for the Planet's ability to evaluate a nonprofit partner's operations, effectiveness and partnership capabilities.

1% for the Planet partnership advising:

Our partnership advising sets 1% for the Planet's network apart, as we strategically pair each business member with nonprofit organizations that align with their values and make the most impact possible. Our recommendations encourage each business to invest in brand- and mission-aligned nonprofit solutions that are critical for the planet and that help the business thrive. Similarly, we encourage individuals to align their giving with their personal vision of a healthy planet, while helping them focus on nonprofit solutions creating the greatest impact.



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