Planet Service Announcement S2 E03: Keith Ladzinski

Planet Service Announcement


Photographer & filmmaker Keith Ladzinski had humble enough beginnings shooting skateboarding and landscapes as a young man in Colorado. Little did he know his passion for taking pictures would lead to a position as part of National Geographic's legendary stable of creatives and make him one of the faces of Nikon cameras.

Keith talks about what it really takes to be a part of the National Geographic Society, what he sees as a storyteller's roll in our current culture, the greatness of Instagram, and how he's going to balance being a new dad when his job requires months at a time in the world's most remote regions.


Keith Ladzinski is a contributing photographer at National Geographic and an Emmy nominated director. His early subjects mirrored his polarized passions, skateboarding in the city and exploring the quiet mountains of Colorado. One, built around an immersed subculture, skating from concrete place to place with friends, trespassing, shooting photos in the dead of night with rushed artificial light setups and running from security guards. The other, alpine starts in the mountains, long approaches alone to quaint places, patiently hunting for natural light and thoughtful composition. It was an unintentional education in two styles of photography and wasn’t long before the two merged, initially into his love for rock climbing. It was here that Keith forged his roots, rising quickly to the top in the world of extreme sports and working tirelessly with the industries top athletes, outdoor industry clients and ad agencies.

Keith is an award winning photographer and has earned numerous 1st place honors from PDN, The International Library of Photography and National Geographic. He has photographed nearly 100 magazine cover stories for a variety of publications and his work has appeared on the front page of the New York Times, the cover of the Washington Post Sunday Magazine and National Geographic Magazine.

Today, Keith’s work primarily focuses on natural history, climate change, extreme sports and advertising campaigns, sending him to the furthest reaches of the 7 continents multiple times over. Keith is a contributing photographer at National Geographic Magazine, a founding member of the Sea Legacy Collective, a Nikon Ambassador and has worked for clients globally including Apple, Disney, Nikon, Toyota, Adidas, Nike, Red Bull, The North Face, The New York Times, and National Geographic TV.

Keith lives in Boulder, Colorado with his Wife Dana and son Gray.


Peter Dering is the founder and CEO of Peak Design, a San Francisco-based company he started in 2010 that makes photography, outdoor, and lifestyle gear. Growing acutely aware of his company's increasing carbon footprint, Dering co-founded Climate Neutral: an independent non-profit organization that enlists private businesses to achieve net-zero carbon emissions through a simplified, four-step process. Climate Neutral members must measure their carbon footprint, identify opportunities to reduce emissions, purchase offsets for remaining un-reduced emissions, and finally market their climate commitment to consumers through the use of the Certified Neutral label.