Business as a force for good: a guide to increase your positive impact


 Photo credit: Restore the Earth Photo credit: Restore the Earth

You don’t have to change your ways to make a positive impact. 

Everyday, 1% for the Planet business members help you convert the money you already spend on essentials like food, clothing, household goods, insurance and banking into a force for positive change. 

Want to help change industries and increase your impact with no additional consumption or expense? Here’s a look at how it all works:

How do you restore 1 million acres of forest and wetland ecosystems in the Mississippi River Basin?

The issues within our environment are complex, even daunting. However, the solution can be simple: 1% for the Planet partnerships with amazing environmental nonprofits like Restore the Earth Foundation.

Land use, food, and forests are three of the top solutions to reverse global warming as outlined by Project Drawdown. Restore the Earth Foundation (REF) tackles all three categories through their visionary project of restoring 1 million acres in the Mississippi River Basin, in the heart of America. 

The conversion of degraded farmland into landscapes that work with nature by planting native trees creates resilient ecosystems, habitats, and self-sustaining communities.  According to the Nature Conservancy, U.S. forests store and filter more than half of the nation’s water supply and serve as a carbon “sink”, offsetting approximately 15 percent of all fossil fuel emissions in the United States.

Restore the Earth Foundation’s 1 million acre restoration delivers cascading positive effects:

  • 200,000,000 plus metric tons of carbon emissions eliminated.

  • $12 billion in shared environmental, economic, and social value generated.

  • 12 percent reduction in the impact on the Gulf of Mexico dead zone.

  • Creation of a natural buffer against storms and floods, building community and business resilience that are exacerbated by climate change.

REF is able to work at this tremendous scale by collaborating with a very diverse (and sometimes unlikely) group of organizations.

Co-Founders PJ and Marv Marshall “bet on a big vision” and started REF to make a positive contribution. Take a look at how they’ve utilized their business savvy and decades of experience to create impact:

Now, meet their 1% for the Planet business partner.

Bluestone Life chose to support Restore the Earth Foundation because they are fostering positive change at scale, and accomplishing it by bringing together a group of organizations that typically would not collaborate.

Bluestone Life is a 1% for the Planet business member and a certified B Corp that leverages the power of life insurance to protect your family, your community, and our home planet. In addition to giving a percent of all premium collected nationally to 1%FTP nonprofit partners, every one of our policies carries a complimentary Impact Rider giving you an additional 1% of your policies death benefit to be donated to the nonprofit partner of your choice.

This 1% for the Planet partnership story was written in collaboration with Nathan Irons, founder of Bluestone Life. Learn more at