Planet Service Announcement S2 E05: Ben Sollee

Planet Service Announcement


Ben Sollee is a musician and activist hailing from the great state of Kentucky. In this episode, Ben talks about traveling the world for decades as a rock star cellist, touring the country with his band by bicycle, and why he's taking a break from the road to focus on a new non-profit in his home state.

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Joining Ben on the podcast this week, Reed serves as Dir. of Business Development at Carbon Credit Capital—a Manhattan-based carbon offset and carbon footprint management firm—where he created Carbon Neutral Checkout, a certification program for carbon neutral products and services, which has now mapped dozens of corporate supply chains, and offsets tens of thousands of products at point of sale. He also serves as a founding board member and chair of partnerships for B-Local NYC, a local chapter of over 150 Certified B Corps devoted to elevating integrated bottomline best practice and inclusive economic development to all companies in New York City. Reed holds an MBA in Sustainability from Bard College and a Bachelors in Policy Studies from Lafayette College. Reed is a 7th generation New Yorker with roots in NYC and Dutchess County, and when not working to make the world a little better for everyone, he can be found skiing, cooking and/or painting in upstate NY.