Drink beer, create impact

on May 14, 2018

One particularly exciting, and growing, part of our global network is craft beer. Independently-owned (and community-owned) small breweries not only make some of the tastiest beers around, they also have the flexibility to live their values through 1% for the Planet partnerships and other sustainable business practices. So, go ahead and #purchasefortheplanet from all of our business members. Their commitment to the environment and your smart choices together support nonprofits making an impact today in each of our six focus areas.

 3Cross & Climate Change

Massachusetts' first community-owned brewery, 3cross Fermentation Coop isn't just about brewing beer and supporting their local community. They want to "steward our natural resources for the enjoyment of all." Named for a classic bicycle spoke pattern, they focus on bikes throughout their business model, including donations to similarly focused nonprofit partners such as Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition to help "promote cycling as a fun and eco-friendly mode of transportation and recreation." 3cross recognizes "brewing beer can have a significant environmental impact due to large water, electrical and fossil fuel requirements" and their green energy, waste management, and responsible purchasing initiatives also reflect their focus on sustainability.

 Maine Beer Co. & Wildlife 

“Do what’s right.” It’s the philosophy ingrained in the DNA of Maine Beer Co., from the beer they make, to how they treat their employees, to their impact on the environment. "Our partnership with 1% For the Planet allows us to focus our business and our giving in a way that has an impact locally through organizations like the Center for Wildlife and Allied Whale to the international level with groups like the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund." Among their beer offerings is the King Titus Porter, named for a silverback gorilla. "Educational outreach about wildlife and the protection of wildlife habitats are common themes of several of our nonprofit partners. Through events in our tasting room and excursions we host, we help our partnering organizations engage with our larger beer community to better understand the wildlife around them and threats that they face."

Patagonia Provisions, Hopworks & Food

A collaboration between two of our members, Patagonia Provisions, known for rethinking our food chain and Hopworks, which is celebrating 10 years of sustainable beer has recently has success with their Long Root Ale. From Patagonia Provisions: "Kernza’s long root system and perennial growth allows it to thrive without tilling, preserving precious top soil. Cheers to that." The grain was developed by their nonprofit partner The Land Institute.

 Pure Project & Water

San Diego-based Pure Project makes globally sourced and locally brewed beers in small batches like their Triple Dry Hyped IPA. Their partnerships have a local impact on an issue that affects us all. "Right now in California as with the rest of the world, water is a very important issue from protecting and conserving the coastlines and water quality all the way down to monitoring and preserving the local watersheds. Working with Surfrider & San Diego Coastkeeper allows us to put resources in the hands of the organizations on the front lines doing the work both locally, and around the country."


Sunday Beer Co & Land

Sunday Beer is at its best when its shared between friends after a surf or around a campfire after a day in the mountains. Because of their belief that experiencing and protecting natural environments is critically important to a healthy lifestyle and planet, they support Catskill MountainKeeper596 Acres and the Surfrider Foundation in their effort to protect our local mountains, beaches and urban green spaces.

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