Our ocean impact: 5 action steps

on June 02, 2017

Our ocean theme radiates out this month from World Oceans Day - organized by our nonprofit partner The Ocean Project - on June 8. Nonprofits are just one part of our network that also includes individuals and businesses working to postively impact the ocean. The challenges that our seas face are great but anyone can help make a difference with the right inspiration and information. Join our global movement today in taking actions large and small to make a positive impact on our environment.

1. Change A Habit

Consider what steps you can take at home - and at the beach - to help protect our oceans. Hopefully you already avoid plastic microbeads in your health and beauty products. Could you join business member All Good in their #ReefFriendly campaign to make sure your sunscreen is safe? Do you want to go #FoamFree with 5 Gyres and help ban polystyrene? Maybe you could even go single-use plastic free this June? UK-based Marine Conservation Society Plastic Challenge is encouraging just that.

2. Action Watch

This is an easy commitment to make: find a quiet time to watch A Plastic Ocean documentary. This award-winning film debuted this past winter and was just released on Netflix. It was co-produced by some of the same team members that produced the stunning The Blue Planet series and highlights the impact of our plastic habit around the globe. You could even host a screening to share with your community, colleagues, school, and friends.

3. Find Your Perfect Nonprofit

There are over 100 nonprofits making a difference in this area in our network, but we can help you find the one that most aligns with your passions. Look for our feature story later this month on the inspiring connection between Wild Salmon Center and Salty Girl Seafood. Other business members have also found lasting partners such as performance-sailing equipment-maker Velocitek with Sailors for the Sea.

Are you looking to support general ocean conservation, marine mammal protection, or local impact? OceanaSea Turtles Forever, and Monterey Bay-focused Save our Shores, are just a few examples of your choices. Search our worldwide database of environmental organizations that you could support with your time - from cleaning up beaches to donating your professional expertise - or money. Don’t forget that 1% for the Planet helps both our business and individual members to choose the best nonprofit partner for their annual 1% commitment.

4. Support our Brands

We recently profiled some of our eco apparel members and many of them make recycled swimwear but it’s not just bikinis that are making an ocean of difference. Stern Lines turns lines from lobster boats into home goods. Lava Rubber makes products from old wetsuits. Innovative ByFusion is transforming plastic into bricks and Tidal Vision is using sea creature waste streams to create products like wallets from salmon skin and pool cleaner from crab shells. Our business members go beyond everyday consumer goods and include Verdical Group, a green building company based in startup space.

5. Share your Actions!

Share your inspiration and action on social media to amplify your impact across your own network. To make it easy, we’ve updated our social media sharing toolkit to include more of a focus on oceans. You can find and follow us on facebooktwitterinstagram, and youtube.