Explore: 1% for the Planet

The summer months are made for exploration. An outdoor adventure. A long vacation abroad. A new, eye opening experience. A time to learn something new. 

Over the course of 17 years, 1% for the Planet evolved into far more than a way for businesses to give back. Today, you can find 1% for the Planet in everything you do. Within our organization, we provide the ability for everyone, everywhere to make responsible decisions for our planet and to be a part of the solution to our environmental crisis. 

So whether you’re exploring a new country, a new outdoor space, or a new experience, we invite you to also explore 1% for the Planet. 

Explore : to investigate, study, or analyze : look into

You already know that our environmental crisis is urgent. You know that the science is daunting and the outlook is overwhelming. And, while you want to do something about it, you might not know where to start.

That’s where we come in.

Explore : to become familiar with

If you want to understand how you can make a tangible, long lasting impact on our environment (and considering you’re reading this article, we assume that you do!), we implore you to get to know us.

You can start by learning about the environmental issue areas that we support and decide which issues matter to you most. With thousands of environmental nonprofits in our network, there’s no shortage of solutions that align with your values.

Once you understand what matters most to you and why you want to make a difference, explore how!

Do you own a business? From the Patagonias of the world to tech companies to mom and pop shops (and even an opera singer), our network is diverse and comprised of industry leaders that are driving the environmental movement forward.

Are you an individual that wants to make a difference? See why everyone, from people just like you to adventure rock climber Alex Honnold, is joining our individual membership program. Discover which of your favorite brands are 1% for the Planet members. Support our network by supporting our members—making every purchase a purchase for the planet.

In the 1% for the Planet network, there’s a way for every person to positively impact our planet—everyday.

Explore : to travel over for adventure or discovery

1% for the Planet is everywhere. Our network consists of thousands of business members, individual members and environmental organizations all over the world. Chances are—we’re in your local neighborhood and your next travel destination, too. 

Through our network, you can find travel companies with environmental initiatives that give back to our planet. You can work with nonprofit organizations that provide sustainable travel solutions and reduce the negative impact of tourism. You can support 1% for the Planet member businesses, knowing that every purchase you make gives a little bit back to our environment. And, most importantly, you can learn about all of the ways you can explore—while also having a positive impact on our planet.

Are you coming with us? Follow along on The Planet Post to explore our network and get inspired for your next adventure.

Photo Credit: 1% for the Planet Member Matt Chesebrough