Alex Honnold joins 1% for the Planet

Climber and sustainable energy advocate Alex Honnold is joining 1% for the Planet as an individual member, the organization announced today. 

As an individual member, Honnold will pledge to donate at least 1% of his annual salary directly to approved environmental nonprofits in the 1% for the Planet network through monetary and/or volunteer support. Open to anyone, the 1% for the Planet program offers partnership advising to help members identify nonprofit partners tackling the issues they care about most, or members can choose from 1% for the Planet’s vetted list of nonprofit partners. 

“I joined on as an individual member of 1% for the Planet because it makes total sense for each of us individually to contribute any way that we can. And, 1% is definitely not too much to give back for the health of our planet,” said Honnold.

Honnold has focused on supporting sustainability efforts throughout his career. In 2012, he founded, The Honnold Foundation, which reduces environmental impact and addresses inequality by supporting solar energy initiatives in locations from Sacramento to Malawi. 

Initially to start the foundation he contributed over one third of his annual income in 2012. To date, his foundation has contributed over half a million dollars to non-profits advancing solar energy access worldwide. The foundation is Honnold’s primary focus when not climbing. 

The overlap in the missions of the Honnold Foundation and 1% for the Planet—a commitment to addressing inequality and environmental impact simultaneously—was part of what drew Honnold to become an individual member. 

“I created the Honnold Foundation out of a fundamental belief that things just aren’t as fair as they should be,” Honnold said. “Giving away a percentage of my salary is one way to make things a little more equal for the planet and for all of us.”

“We are thrilled to have Alex join the growing 1% for the Planet community of individual members,” said Kate Williams, CEO of 1% for the Planet. “Already in 2019, we’ve welcomed more than 500 new business members into our network. We hope that Alex inspires a new wave of individuals to join our growing movement of individual members, which is open to all people looking to give back to the planet.”