Partnerships in action: Raw Office becomes first carbon neutral office supplier


Raw Office partnerships create a carbon-free future

1% for the Planet partnership leads to industry first: 100% carbon neutral office supplies.

In an industry first, 1% for the Planet member Raw Office has taken full responsibility for their company footprint by committing to offset 100% of their greenhouse gas emissions. Now, when customers purchase their office supplies from Raw Office, they’re able to see how many pounds of greenhouse gasses the production and shipping of products creates. And in turn, Raw Office matches and offsets each pound of emissions. This impactful change was made possible by a collaboration between 1% for the Planet business members and their environmental nonprofit partners.


“Raw Office is taking full responsibility for the impacts, not just their own operations, but their suppliers and distributors as well. This type of full-cost accounting is groundbreaking in corporate responsibility. We’re excited to help The Raw Office lead the way for all companies—not just office suppliers.”

— Reed Shapiro of Carbon Credit Capital

Of course, taking a look at every aspect of the supply chain to calculate a true carbon footprint is no easy task. Working with fellow 1% for the Planet member Carbon Credit Capital, Raw Office was able to assess each step in their supply chain. 

Carbon Credit Capital is on a mission to connect businesses and organizations with accessible ways to lower their carbon footprint and spread global awareness about the importance of offsetting the negative environmental impact of business. Raw Office is proud of their partnership with Carbon Credit Capital and speaks about their journey to calculate their footprint: 


“We analyzed emissions from a product’s raw materials, the processing of those raw materials into intermediate products, emissions from manufacture of finished goods, emissions from manufacture of packaging, as well as the shipping emissions resulting from moving processed materials and finished products from factory to doorstep. We have taken a deep dive into the supply chains of more than 100 of our top selling products across every category we offer. Our calculations were made with data from our own operations, our distributors and our product manufacturers. Where specific data points were unavailable, such as the exact plastic mixture of a pen, we used publicly available information on materials processing and proprietary emissions factors provided by Carbon Credit Capital to create the most accurate results as possible.” 


Once their footprint was calculated, Raw Office partnered with Bonneville Environmental Foundation, an approved 1% for the Planet nonprofit partner, and Umwelt-Projekt-Management GmbH to purchase carbon credits. The credits contribute to bio and landfill gas capture projects that are replacing coal and other fossil fuel burning with biogas in the United States and China. 

Bonneville Environmental Foundation is committed to getting businesses on track toward sustainability and helping businesses address their environmental footprints. To do this, they offer innovative solutions and work with individual needs to create plans that align with company values and capabilities. Together, Raw Office and Bonneville Environmental Foundation are working to reduce methane emissions from several landfills in the Northwest by 30 times. 

This inspiring partner story shows how we can come together to change with the changing world, and be one percent better.