T.J. Whalen

T.J. Whalen brings 20+ years of consumer product strategy, marketing and sales leadership to 1% For the Planet. As Entrepreneur-in-Residence, General Partner and Managing Director for FreshTracks Capital, he is focused on helping early-stage businesses grow and create value. T.J. is also the Principal of Whalen Ventures, where he provides investment, advisory and consulting services for growth companies. Formerly, T.J. was the Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer, as well as Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (Keurig Green Mountain), a $4+ billion consumer products, coffee and beverage manufacturer. T.J. has also held marketing and product development leadership roles at Adventurous Traveler, Patagonia, and Leo Burnett.

T.J. believes that both businesses and consumers can and should be a positive force for change in the world. T.J. knows that we all have a responsibility to shape our future and he believes that 1% for the Planet brings these interests together and provides critical funding to pressing environmental issues.

Working together, T.J. believes we can create a new norm where businesses do their part to contribute to the environment. It simply should, and someday will, be standard practice in business to give something back to the world. And for consumers, it will be a clear signal of which businesses to support with their purchases.

T.J. adds, "If you enjoy the outdoors -- whether it's a big adventure to some far-flung, remote place to fish, surf, ski, hike, climb or whatever else you enjoy, or as simple as a walk in the park with your family -- you care about the environment... and you should do something to ensure that future generations have the same opportunity. Supporting 1% for the Planet is an easy commitment to help preserve the world we all live in."