We love this place, and we are on a mission to protect it. Saving the planet—its oceans, species and lands—does not happen somewhere far away or by someone else. It happens here, now, together.


We know 1% for the Planet members are with us. Our individual members pledge to give back 1% of their salary annually to environmental nonprofits.
When you buy a My Planet Pass, your one simple purchase packs one big environmental punch. My Planet Pass holders become 1% for the Planet individual members as well as members of five other high-impact environmental nonprofits that support each of our issue areas: climate, land, food, pollution, water and wildlife—all through one easy transaction:
Logos of My Planet Pass participating nonprofit partners.


Passholders receive exclusive member benefits from each nonprofit beyond what is available to the general public. 1% for the Planet facilitates each pass purchase and directs the funding to nonprofit partners.
More importantly, members learn from and support these invaluable nonprofits—becoming more deeply ingrained in the environment movement and making a powerful statement to others.

What are you waiting for

Help save our planet today by choosing the pass that’s right for you, joining our network and supporting invaluable nonprofits!

*Depending on your personal 1%, the purchase of the My Planet Pass may cover all, or some of your annual pledge. Our members also have the option to cover any remaining part of their pledge with additional monetary donations or by volunteering with any of our nonprofit partners.

Already an individual member of 1% for the Planet? 

You can satisfy your remaining pledge at any point through the purchase of the My Planet Pass. For questions about your membership, please feel free to email us


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We all know that our planet needs more support than it’s currently receiving. That’s why it’s so important to see organizations like 1% for the Planet engaging individuals in new ways and encouraging them to support the environmental issues that impact all of us. Without continued evolution and innovation, the environmental movement will never deliver the results we need.