Annual Report

1% for the Planet’s Annual Report is a collection of stories, numbers and people that made 2023 a historic year of impact.

Dear friends, 

2023 was a year of connection for the 1% for the Planet network. In October, we hosted our 6th annual Global Summit in Brooklyn, NY—where members of our network gathered to create new relationships, learn from each other’s expertise and even get their hands a little dirty volunteering. Each day, conversations, laughter and learnings echoed through the venue and we were reminded that 1% for the Planet is a community truly like no other. And the power of this incredible community will enable us to reach our goal of $1 billion in certified giving before 2030. 

$1 billion is a lofty goal. And, we’re confident in the power of our model and community to get there. With $580 million in lifetime giving at the end of 2023, we’ve seen what’s possible when commitment adds up. With members of all sizes, across multiple business sectors and in more than 62 countries, giving to environmental partners around the globe, the 1% for the Planet $1 billion will also be unique and extraordinary, representing many thousands of distributed, strategic donations ranging in all amounts. And when we get to $1 billion, we’re just getting going as this community will only keep growing. 

Our Planet Impact Fund also powers our impact. In 2023, the fund made its first grants to six environmental partners and deployed its first private investments, selected to help limit net warming to below 1.5-2 °C and prevent the worst of the climate crisis. We’re proud of this impact, and are excited to see the fund grow and welcome new support from around the globe.

Thank you for being our dedicated and unwavering community. 


Kate Williams, CEO, and Jim Osgood, Board Chair

kate williams and jim osgood at 1% for the planet hq


Kate Williams, CEO, and Jim Osgood, Board Chair

1% for the Planet has been key to iDE’s partnership growth, local and national. By connecting with like-minded nonprofits and businesses that care deeply about the wellbeing of our planet, iDE has been able to grow impact and awareness of our goal to power entrepreneurs to end poverty and fight climate change.
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Silverstrand Capital & Mad Agriculture
MAD agriculture members in a crop field
Photo: Sophia Piña-McMahon
Without the support of Silverstrand Capital, we would not have been able to get the Perennial Fund off the ground and to the point it’s at today, financing the active transition of 6,920 acres of farmland, and supporting 44,000 total acres under management.
—Jane Cavagnero, Director of Marketing, Mad Agriculture

Mad Agriculture’s work with the ancient grain revival movement enhances crop nutrition, traditional seed-saving methods and regenerative farming practices. In 2023, the support of several 1% for the Planet Business Members enabled Mad Agriculture to increase their impact across Colorado and beyond. 

In tandem with their efforts in the grain revival movement, Mad Agriculture partnered with member Silverstrand Capital to establish Mad Capital, a new sister company. Silverstrand Capital served as the primary investor and played a pivotal role in financing the business. Building upon the success of their initial fund project, Mad Capital provides financial support for new regenerative farmers through land, equipment and infrastructure loans. 

Untold Storytelling & Water First
Ontario, Canada
a person looking over the sea on the coast
Photo: Untold Storytelling
The approach Water First has taken as an organization really connected with us. Providing the education, training and tools is an approach we felt there was a lot of value in. We hope their work continues to grow across the country, and that they can form strong bonds with Indigenous communities to expand their work.
—Braden Dragomir, Creative Director, Untold Storytelling

As an award-winning filmmaking company, Untold Storytelling had the tools to weave a story about Manitoulin Island’s water crisis for environmental partner Water First. Marketing expenses—especially production costs—are often difficult for nonprofits to cover. That’s why Untold Storytelling structured a plan to use their 1% commitment and in-kind giving to support the film project.

They set out to film on Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory land to capture the water protection work of Paige Manitowabi, Water First’s Local Coordinator. Through their partnership, Untold Storytelling allowed Water First to showcase the benefits of mixing Traditional Knowledge and Western science in water conservation efforts.

Smiling Rocks & Space for Giants
New York City, USA
A Gabon resident in their farm field holding a machete
Photo: Maurice Schutgens
We used to plant, and then every time the elephant came and spoiled our crops, wasting our energy. But now that the fence is here, it’s stopped. We have plenty of food to sell so that we can use the money for daily needs and things like school fees.
—Space for Giants

Gabon hosts some of Africa’s most spectacular biodiversity, including critically endangered forest elephants. Most of Gabon's rural populace consists of farmers who encounter significant challenges with human-elephant conflict (HEC).

1% for the Planet Environmental Partner Space for Giants has been working on HEC in East Africa for over a decade, particularly on the Laikipia Plateau in northern Kenya. The lessons learned in Kenya helped to launch an innovative mobile electric fence design to address the HEC challenges in Gabon. The simple, affordable and transportable design has proven to be 90% effective in protecting farmers from raiding elephants.

Space for Giants and their partners have now installed 120 fences across Gabon, assisting over 916 individuals in safely coexisting with forest elephants. They plan to construct 500 more fences by the end of the year—protecting more people, livelihoods and elephants. Their work is supported by Smiling Rocks’ Loose Diamond Department, a business member creating sustainable, lab-grown jewelry.

SunGod & The Bike Project
Comfort holding up a painting that she created in honor of The Bike Project. 
Pictured above: Comfort holding up a painting that she created in honor of The Bike Project. 
Without women like Comfort, taking on leading roles and speaking authentically for the struggles of refugee and asylum-seeking women our charity could never be so impactful.
—Charlie Blair, Senior Mechanic, The Bike Project

Business member, SunGod, and environmental partner, The Bike Project, are long-term partners that have been working together to provide bikes to refugees and asylum seekers arriving in the UK. Refugees and asylum seekers often struggle with language barriers, cost of transport and lack of access to essential services. Providing bikes (and lessons on riding, road safety and maintenance), makes accessing resources and being a part of a community easier while also cutting transport costs. In short, The Bike Project isn’t just giving away bikes—they are aiding in providing security, confidence and independence to people building a new life.

Comfort (pictured above) is a beneficiary of the program who is also a leading figure at The Bike Project. She arrived in the UK from Nigeria, and struggled to settle into her community because of barriers that prevented her from finding a job. After getting involved with The Bike Project she was inspired to become a cycling instructor, and now shares her wisdom and experiences with other refugees and asylum seekers.

Brondell's 2023 Impact
San Francisco, USA
a group of Brondell volunteers watching a presentation outside
Photo: Brondell
Our partnership with 1% for the Planet allows us to align our efforts with a larger coalition for greater and more meaningful impact. We’re proud to be part of the 1% for the Planet family—and look forward to generating exponential change in the years ahead.
—Steve Scheer, president, brondell

In 2023, Brondell emerged as 1% for the Planet’s largest corporate donor. Through their support of our mission, we’re able to invest in the future of our organization and scale the impact of our network. With this generous donation Brondell proves to be an incredible role model for businesses striving to do better for people and the planet.

For every dollar donated to 1% for the Planet, we certify $13 in members' donations to environmental partners around the world. Brondell's donation to our organization helped power that outsized impact.

“Brondell’s 1% for the Planet commitment is an amazing example of unwavering commitment and dedication to people and the planet," notes Kate Williams. "Their significant support helped drive us toward our goal of continuously increasing our reach and impact.”

Brondell also continued their partnership with California Native Plant Society Yerba Buena Chapter for the second year running, meeting in San Francisco to sow flower seeds, weed and remove debris from McLaren Park Native Plant Garden. Their partnership allowed Brondell to watch their impact grow—both in building strong connections and nurturing the garden.

Global Summit:
A very good time had by all.
New York City, usa
a group of attendees at 1% for the Planet 2023 Global Summit
Photo: Duncan Nicholls
Every single conversation I had at this event inspired me more and more to continue the hard work that we are doing. I love this event and hope to attend annually.
—Jack Dyer, Founder, Topa Topa Brewing Company

Global Summit 2023: New York City took place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where 1% for the Planet Business Members and Environmental Partners traveled from near and far for our annual network gathering.

In the spirit of growing stronger together, our CEO Kate Williams kicked off the program by announcing 1% for the Planet’s loftiest goal yet—reaching $1 billion in certified giving by 2030. From there, attendees engaged in educational workshops, participated in thought-provoking panels and learned from two incredible keynote speakers—Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson from Urban Ocean Lab and Vincent Stanley, Patagonia’s Director of Philosophy. 

In celebration of our network, we launched our inaugural Summit Awards to recognize the outstanding work of our business members and environmental partners. This year, Peak Design received the Leadership Award for their exemplary commitment to membership. Sway took home the Change & Innovation Award. Maine Beer Company and Wolfe’s Neck Center shared the Partnership Award. And of course, we also danced, went bowling and played bingo with our favorite environmental drag queen, Pattie Gonia.

Global Summit 2023: NYC was unforgettable. By the end of the three-day gathering, there was no doubt that the power of our network’s collective action will help us reach our goal of $1 billion in certified giving. 

While giving is typically the first step into a 1% for the Planet Membership, the power of the network is a critical component of our model.
We achieve this by bringing together a diverse group of industry leaders, environmental experts and activists from around the world to discuss and collaborate on ways to create meaningful environmental impact.
Our annual Global Summit serves as an amazing platform for this exchange, amplifying our collective impact and propelling forward our mission to inspire commitment and action so that our planet and future generations thrive.
—Benjamin Peeters, 1% for the Planet Board Member
The Planet Impact Fund

The 1% for the Planet® Impact Fund at National Philanthropic Trust combines expertly curated investments and grants to drive positive change for the planet.

In its second year, assets under management in the Planet Impact Fund doubled from approximately $500,000 to $1 million. This allowed us to reach an important milestone: investing in our first two private investments, which support renewable energy and sustainable forestry. It also meant larger grants to each of our six featured organizations. These organizations each received a grant of $17,680: Amazon Frontlines, Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide, Groundswell International, Indigenous Environmental Network, Solar Sister and Urban Ocean Lab. All six are 1% for the Planet Environmental Partners and represent a broad range of global environmental solutions, from securing Indigenous land rights to supporting coastal communities in becoming more resilient to climate impacts.

Allyson Bartlett

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Renee Bornstein

Taran Catania

Rebecca Cohen

Nicole Daniels

Zab Dominguez

Kaylee Duncanson

Ian Dupont

Justin Egdorf

Quint Finney

Gabi Freeda

Kevin Grondin

Britny Hill

Jenny Kalanges

Dan Kirk

Caroline Knapp

Jim Lehnhoff

Josephine Lynch

Kristina Martin

Tanner Marvel

Jaclyn McCarthy

Heidi McElvaney

Celine Miranda

Jack Mitchell

Lena Molinari

Alyssa Moore

Kiera Murphy

Brit Palmerton

Noe Parker

Morgan Parr

Tony Pérez Soto

C.T. Ransdell

Tatum Robinson

Alie Sarhanis

Eva Sherman

Bailey Sherwin

Mark Steinbuck

Maddie Strasen

Jess Taylor

Haley Thomson

Ben Van Cleave

Liz Whiteley

Kate Williams

Jeff Wilson

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Bree Arsenault

Katherine CousinsSecretary

Greg Curtis

Howard Fischer

Nicolas Ibanez

Elizabeth McNicholsVice Chair

Georgina Miranda

Annie Morita

Rahul Narang

James M. Osgood Chair

Benjamin Peeters

Rochelle Webb

Kurt Weinsheimer Treasurer

Kate Williams CEO

Our vision is that as Sway grows, our success is intertwined with the success of our 1% for the Planet Environmental Partners.
—Julia Marsh CEO & Co-founder of Sway,
1% for the Planet BusiNess Member
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We're this thankful!

The work described in this Annual Report was supported by our business members, as well as the generosity of the many individuals, corporations and foundations who donate directly to 1% for the Planet to help us grow and innovate.

To everyone who supported our work in 2023, thank you! Your donations are helping us inspire commitment and action so that our planet and future generations thrive.

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