We’re a small team fueling a large and global network of businesses, individuals and nonprofits working for a healthy planet.

We’re a mixed bunch of foodies, conservationists, outdoor enthusiasts, activists, pet lovers, climate campaigners, and concertgoers. We like long walks on plastic-free beaches, deep powder, clean water and the serenity of urban parks.

We’re a team of planet passionate people committed to doing whatever it takes to turn this global crisis around.

Allyson Bartlett

Director of Brand & Marketing

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Rebecca Cohen

Foundation Gift Officer

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Kristina Martin

Web Designer

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Gabi Freeda

Nonprofit Coordinator

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Sarah Burgess

Business Account Manager

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Ryan Midden

Director of People & Culture

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Celine Miranda

Business Account Coordinator

Amanda Oenbring

Associate Director, Regional Business Membership

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Jaclyn McCarthy

Senior Brand & Marketing Manager

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Ben Van Cleave

Graphic Designer

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C.T. Ransdell

Individual and Corporate Gift Officer

Liz Whiteley

Director of Business Systems & Innovation

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Jess Taylor

Administrative & Executive Coordinator

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Kate Williams


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Jeff Wilson

Business Membership Specialist

Tatum Robinson

Communications Specialist

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Morgan Parr

Business Account Coordinator

Britny Hill
Certification & Accounting Coordinator
Isabelle Susini

French Chapter Director


Sonia Bourderye

French Chapter Assistant

Fanny Naville


Cloé Singer


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