Amplifying Canada's First Nations through film


Untold Storytelling and Water First are partnering with Indigenous Communities to address water rights. The Canadian filmmaking company has supported Water First since 2020 as they work alongside First Nations to alleviate the country’s water crisis.

“Access to clean and safe water in Canada should be a universal right, but too often Indigenous communities have been ignored.” — Braden Dragomir, Creative Director at Untold Storytelling

Marketing efforts are out of reach for many nonprofit organizations. That’s why Untold Storytelling created a film highlighting Water First’s work as part of their 1% for the Planet commitment. The film’s goal was to increase the Water First donor base and build connections with communities across Canada.

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Photography by Untold Storytelling

The short documentary, Paige, features Paige Manitowabi, a Drinking Water Internship Program graduate. With deep roots within Manitoulin Island of the Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory, Paige is a Water Walker protecting local water resources through a mix of Traditional Knowledge and western science. The film follows Paige as she works in water protection—learning about water science and widening Sault College’s class requirements to include Traditional Knowledge. Now as the Water First Local Coordinator, Paige educates interns on Traditional Knowledge through community engagement and youth education.

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Photography by Untold Storytelling

“The approach Water First has taken as an organization really connected with us. Providing the education, training and tools is an approach we felt there was a lot of value in. We hope their work continues to grow across the country, and that they can form strong bonds with Indigenous communities to expand their work.” — Braden Dragomir, Creative Director at Untold Storytelling

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Photography by Untold Storytelling

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Watch the documentary featuring Paige Manitowabi, see more work by Untold Storytelling and become a 1% for the Planet member today!

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