Avocado is transforming core values into climate action


Avocado Green Brands is continually raising the bar for environmental and social responsibility. Since becoming a 1% for the Planet member in 2017, they have donated to over 40 environmental partners through their yearly giving.

Through their 1% for the Planet commitment Avocado Green Brands has funded Kula Women’s Center in Rwanda, feeding over 74,000 people in New York City and removing over 15,000 pounds of plastic from oceans in 30 countries.

This year, Avocado Green Brands has honed in on four different impact areas – water advocacy,  equality, climate action and environmental conservation. Their goal has been to make as big of an impact as possible on a local and global level with their environmental partners:


Photography by Jason Houston for the Upper Amazon Conservancy

Aiming to preserve and restore wildlife and their ecosystems, Re:Wild is protecting biodiversity across the planet. Avocado Green Brands is partnering with Re:Wild this year to help fund the restoration of the Earth’s most critical species and habitats. By the end of December, Avocado Green Brands will have funded the preservation of 66,000 hectares of remote land in the Amazon basin.

Water for People

(Guatemala) _MG_8444
Photography by Water For People

Water for People works to provide safe drinking water and sanitation services to countries around the world. Through their membership, Avocado Green Brands’ giving has supplied water, sanitation and hygiene services to 290 schools, community centers and health clinics.

Brave Trails

Brave-Trails-Kit-Karzen-7-24-21-082444-05522 (2)
Photography by Kit Karzen for Brave Trails

Dedicated to LGBTQ+ youth leadership, Brave Trails helps youth find their people, place and passion through camps, mentorship and leadership programs. Through 2022, Avocado Green Brands has supported youth scholarships and leadership programs for the youth and allies of Brave Trails.

Sustainable Surf

Photography by Caleb Kastein

Through their global SeaTrees program, Sustainable Surf helps restore kelp forests in California and beyond. When Avocado Green Brands found out that planting blue-carbon coastal ecosystems was one of the most effective ways to sequester carbon, they immediately partnered with Sustainable Surf as an environmental partner. Through their 1% for the Planet partnership, Avocado Green Brands is currently helping restore 20,000 SeaTrees in California and Hawaii.

Take Action

Learn more about Avocado Green Brands’ initiatives with our network and join the movement today by becoming a 1% for the Planet Business Member.

"Commit, then figure it out"

Doug Tompkins, dear friend and one of the great influences of 1% for the Planet's founders.
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