How 1% for the Planet partnerships are fueling coral restoration


With more than 40% of their funding from 1% for the Planet, Counting Coral is merging the worlds of art and conservation through coral restoration initiatives. The founder, Jolyon Collier, figured there was one way to truly capture the public’s attention on coral reef deterioration – underwater sculptures that harbor restored coral species.

counting coral aerial
Photography by Damien Beri of The Coral Conservancy

Keeping ocean currents in mind, Counting Coral installs individual sculptures beside damaged reefs. The goal is to stimulate marine life – coral, seaweed, algae, sponges and more – to migrate to the sculptures and propagate. Because the propagated coral originates from previously dying reefs, they end up holding climate resilient qualities. From there, Counting Coral harvests propagated coral for outplanting, expanding their sculptural coral banks. The cycle of installing, propagating and outplanting continues and all acts toward Counting Coral’s mission of revitalizing reefs and marine life.

Partnership with Anarchist Wine Co.

counting coral sculpture
Photography by Counting Coral

Anarchist Wine Co has played a large role in contributing to Counting Coral’s milestones since their partnership began in 2019. Anarchist Wine Co. founders, Valerie and Philip Von Burg, traveled to Fiji for Counting Coral’s first sculptural coral bank installation this past summer. To show their gratitude, Counting Coral engraved Anarchist Wine Co.’s name and logo on the sculpture – a lifelong way to honor the brand’s wine and philanthropic efforts. In the words of the Anarchist Wine Co. founders:

“We were very fortunate to visit the first installation in Fiji as it was nearing completion, and we were in awe of its beauty and promise. Within a matter of days, the coral was growing, and schools of fish, initially a bit wary, started venturing into the park to snack on algae. The local chiefs came to bless the new park and to create a marine preserve, recognizing the value of the park and surrounding waters for their island villages."

Through partnerships like this, Counting Coral has continued to address human impact on ocean ecosystems through art and advocacy. Below, a Counting coral team member let us in on how their membership has made an impact:

“To be connected with individuals so invested in the planet, and so invested in our work has made all of the difference. With a matter so critical and time sensitive, it's these partnerships that not only speed up the process, but deepen the bond and enlighten others to do the same.”

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Photography by Counting Coral

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