Davines: A member at the intersection of beauty & regenerative organic agriculture


Davines is a leader in the sustainable beauty industry, breaking into regenerative organic agriculture practices in their production process. Through their 1% for the Planet membership, Davines is partnering with Slow Food and Rodale Institute – two key environmental partners helping the brand pave the path toward a circular economy.

Since 2015, Davines has incorporated Italian Slow Food ingredients in their products and more recently established the Rodale Institute European Regenerative Organic Center on Davines’ Italian headquarters.

“The linear economy model – based on the paradigm of taking, use, dispose of – is no longer sustainable. To guarantee the survival of our species, we need a paradigm shift that turns the tide of the linear economy. Our vision is circular and regenerative; we aim at restoring the environmental balance between human beings and nature, giving back what we already received” - Davide Bollati, Chairman of Davines

We Sustain Beauty Campaign

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Photography by Davines

Davines’ ongoing socio-environmental initiative, We Sustain Beauty, is a product of their 1% for the Planet partnerships. The campaign focuses on their We Stand for Regeneration Hair & Body Wash, crafted with regenerative organic agriculture practices and Slow Food ingredients. Davines is giving up to €50,000 to Slow Food and Rodale Institute from We Stand for Regeneration product purchases—strengthening their commitment and driving more impact.

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Photography by Davines

The We Sustain Beauty campaign activates the Davines audience around the importance of preserving biodiversity and moving towards regenerative organic agriculture practices. The featured We Stand for Regeneration Hair & Body Wash is made with two ingredients that connect back to their 1% for the Planet Environmental Partners:

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Photography by Davines

Barbera grape pomace extract comes from Mr. Cunial’s vineyard, cultivated in collaboration with the Davines Rodale Institute European Regenerative Organic Center. The extract supports local farmers, aids research and protects carbon sequestration contributions.

Green aniseed extract is sourced from Mr. Corradetti’s farm, a Slow Food community. Including this ingredient protects the seed from rapid extinction and supports Italian farmers and their surrounding communities.

Take Action

Contribute to Davines’ €50,000 donation by purchasing their hair & body wash, learn about Mr. Cunial and Mr. Corradetti’s farming practices and start your own giving journey with 1% for the Planet!

"Commit, then figure it out"

Doug Tompkins, dear friend and one of the great influences of 1% for the Planet's founders.