Four environmental partners using education to uplift women

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Access to education is key when it comes to uplifting women’s voices—especially in the environmental space. 1% for the Planet Environmental Partner Global Greengrants Fund reports that less than 1% of global philanthropy is allocated to women-centered environmental organizations. Broadening women’s access to education and amplifying female advocacy around the world is critical to the environmental movement.

We reached out to our network of environmental partners working to increase women’s access to education to hear about how they’re uplifting women’s voices and expertise:

Photography by Field School.

Minorities in Shark Science

Minorities in Shark Science encourages women and minorities to contribute their voices and educational experiences to marine science. One of their most impactful programs, Diversifying Ocean Sciences, is a free program for individuals to grow their ocean science knowledge and receive mentorship in a field that is otherwise difficult to enter.

“Environmental work and women’s justice intersect because women are a part of the world. We all have to work together, we’re all sharing the same planet, and so it’s really important that all voices are heard when we start making decisions about how we use our natural resources and how we treat our planet.” - Jasmin Graham, President and CEO at Minorities in Shark Science

Photo by Global Choices.

Global Choices

Article Angels, the leading program at Global Choices, harnesses the power of women’s leadership to drive action on the ice crisis. Although their work focuses on the Arctic and Antarctic regions, the organization is made up of women across the globe—from South Africa to Switzerland and the United States. Arctic Angels is based on amplification of impact as individuals are exchanging learnings, stories and connections with each other—ultimately empowering more women to join the climate movement.

“Rather than it being about pursuing better short term individual outcomes, our work is about securing better long term outcomes for everyone—which really hinges on strong feminine leadership” - Chloe Ellison, Grants & Development Writer at Global Choices

Photography by Women's Earth Alliance.

Women's Earth Alliance

Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA) is a global organization catalyzing grassroots women’s networks to protect the environment and build just communities. The organization provides women-focused education centered around technology, economy, finance and global alliance.

“Women’s Earth Alliance lights the grid of women’s climate leadership. We identify grassroots women working on the frontlines of climate change and catalyze their environmental solution, bridge their best practices and energize their movements for change” - Melinda Kramer, Co-Founder & Co-Director at Women's Earth Alliance

Photography by Great Old Broads for Wilderness.

Great Old Broads for Wilderness

Great Old Broads for Wilderness is a women-led organization that inspires activism to protect the United State’s wild lands. Individuals at Great Old Broads for Wilderness believe that research and education is at the core of successful land advocacy.

“If we want good advocates for the environment, we need to teach them the skills to make that happen” — Sara Husby, Executive Director at Great Old Broads for Wilderness

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