Mad Agriculture and the grain revival movement


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Last year, Mad Agriculture and Ooni Pizza Ovens partnered to advance their shared passion for the ancient grain revival movement, which works to preserve local biodiversity and improve the nutritional value of crops through traditional seed-saving methods—a key pillar of Mad Agriculture’s work.

Ooni Pizza Ovens allocated part of their 1% commitment to supporting Mad Agriculture—supporting their mission to help farmers transition to regenerative agricultural models. What began as a monetary donation led to the improvement of local seed harvesting, farmer networking and education on Colorado’s grain revival movement.

Mad Agriculture used the donation to support their purchase of a small plot combine, a machine that saved valuable time and labor for MASA Seed Foundation. The Boulder-based organization will continue to use the combine to save seeds, upholding their tradition of cultivating heirloom and traditional food plant varieties that are adaptable to climate shifts.

Four farmers observing the roots of a plant while standing in a green field
Photography by Sophia Piña-McMahon

Mad Agriculture also partnered with National Young Farmers Coalition to host an event sharing how plot combines benefit local agriculture systems in Colorado. The success of the event brought the team back to MASA Seed Foundation, where they hosted 75 guests and four local grain-based food brands to highlight the importance of the grain revival movement.

The celebration formed critical and lasting connections between grain farmers, buyers and consumers—partnerships that will ripple outward to increase food sovereignty in surrounding communities.

Sheep against a blue sky
Photography by MAD Agriculture
Two hands placed on dirt, near green leaves.
Photography by MAD Agriculture
Farmers in a field standing next to a plot combine.
Grain Revival Celebration, Photography by MAD Agriculture

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Dive into Mad Agriculture’s work with the grain revival movement to learn more. If you’re interested in other partnerships with Mad Agriculture, check out Mad Capital, a company created with 1% for the Planet member SilverStrand Capital. Become a 1% for the Planet member today by joining the movement!

Heirloom tomatoes in a black basket.
Photography by Sophia Piña-McMahon

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