How 1% for the Planet membership creates value and success in your business strategy

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Environmental giving should be part of every business strategy. Certification is the easiest and most credible way to take the first step in the climate movement—and consumers are prioritizing their support for value-aligned brands more than ever before.

1% for the Planet membership offers businesses across the globe a simple solution to drive environmental impact and build trust with consumers. Made up of 5,200+ businesses across 110+ countries, our network offers a recognized and trusted certification, offering brands a seal of credibility and a community of innovators to share notes with. 

So, what can 1% for the Planet membership do for you?

Membership boosts your company culture & retention

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Baking climate action into your business strategy sets you up for success—while setting your brand apart from the competitors. In a recent Fidelity Charitable study, 86% of employees expressed the importance of their values aligning with the company they work for.

1% for the Planet Member Booth & Partners has been certified for nearly five years, and have seen a 17% increase in employee retention since they began their membership journey in 2019.

"Booth & Partners focuses its goals, values, initiatives, management, policies, and commitments on driving sustainability in all aspects of our business. By supporting various environmental organizations and initiatives, educating our people about sustainability, and encouraging everyone to practice sustainable living, we help create a collective and positive impact on the environment." - Jamie Booth, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Booth & Partners

Membership increases your sales performance

Photography by Humble Brands.

Giving back to our planet through certification contributes to your bottom line. Consumers are increasingly drawn to brands that demonstrate verifiable environmental commitments. Our members have reported new client relationships, increased customer loyalty, and bottom-line sales growth as a result of their membership.

Humble Brands allows their customers to choose which environmental partners their purchase will support at checkout. Showcasing their certification at a pivotal point in the customer’s journey has increased their cart completion by 23%. Last year, Humble Brands also saw a consistent increase in average order value and frequency after implementing their 1% for the Planet certification. 

"Our 1% for the Planet membership is something that excites and engages not only our customers but also our employees. Our team members love partaking in local volunteer opportunities and talking about initiatives bigger than Humble Brands and personal care products. There are so many life-changing environmental and humanitarian efforts across the globe, and we are excited to play a small role in these movements." - Katie Kirkwood, Outreach Manager at Humble Brands

Membership improves your marketing performance

Photography by Burgeon Beer.

1% for the Planet membership is recognized and trusted globally. More than ever before, people are looking for brands they trust to make good on their promises to do better for people and the planet. Becoming certified opens up a whole new network and audience of potential customers. 

Members increase engagement and grow their audience by including 1% for the Planet in their branding and communications. 81% of our members state that membership has positively impacted their brand perception, and 1 in 3 consumers in the U.S. are aware of our certification. 

For seven years in a row, member Burgeon Beer kicks off each new year with an event that brings breweries and beer lovers together. During this year’s event in January, they decided to include their 1% for the Planet membership in their marketing campaign. By promoting their affiliation with our network, Burgeon Beer saw tickets sell out 23% faster than the previous year. The campaign’s social media engagement increased by 110% and the team secured local and national media coverage for their status as the first brewery to certify with three environmental organizations.

“Since inception, Burgeon has worked with numerous local and national nonprofits to help build a better planet. We have created beers to raise funds and awareness for those organizations. Our goal was not only to have a positive impact but to inspire others to do so, as well. We have used beer as a vessel for the positive change that this world desperately needs. People and organizations across the world need to take action and at Burgeon we hope to lead by example.”- Matthew Zirpolo, President & Co-Founder at Burgeon Beer

Take Action

No matter the scope or size, businesses can start their giving journey and bake climate action into their strategy at any point. As we’ve seen with 1% for the Planet Members, certification offers value on an internal and external level. Become a member today to connect with our team and build a better business.

"Commit, then figure it out"

Doug Tompkins, dear friend and one of the great influences of 1% for the Planet's founders.
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