Noah Clothing’s membership sustains Atlantic marine biodiversity

June 8, 2023

Noah Clothing was built on the belief that individuals must engage in the world around them. This led them to connect with a local environmental partner, Coastal Research and Education Society of Long Island, Inc. (CRESLI) as part of their 1% for the Planet commitment. Based out of New York, Noah Clothing and CRESLI see the climate change on Atlantic marine biodiversity firsthand.

Noah Clothing Dr. K-min
Photography by Casey Steffens

The Noah Clothing team was called to take action after seeing an increasing amount of beached whales on the Long Island Coast. To learn more about the issues and find ways to get involved, they headed to Moriches Bay where they met with CRESLI President and mammal biologist Dr. Arthur Kopelman. Dr. Kopelman showed them around the area and shared knowledge from his 35 year career in marine conservation. The team talked about the importance of humpback whale recovery—and how the population is bouncing back after being nearly hunted to extinction.

On average, a single whale stores enough CO2 to cover the emissions of a small country like Bermuda or Belize. This incredible impact happens after a whale’s life when it sinks down to the ocean floor. The journey takes the carbon stored in a whale’s body to the deep sea—where it will stay locked up for centuries. Whales also play a critical role in upholding marine ecosystems, which would result in a notable acceleration of climate change if disrupted.

Noah Clothing waterfront
Photography by Casey Steffens

Photography by Casey Steffens

Noah Clothing’s approach to taking action was twofold: creating a short documentary with Maxwell Henderson on the importance of marine diversity and donating 100% of proceeds from their Whale 5-panel hats to further CRESLI’s mission. The documentary features Dr. Kopelman’s voice and work as he shares the history of whale conservation and how humans can coexist with and protect marine life.

The hat was a major hit for Noah Clothing, selling out within days and raising $9,887 for CRESLI. The donation will go toward continued marine recovery efforts in coastal Long Island—creating a stark and lasting impact.

Take Action

Watch Noah Clothing’s field team video to learn about Long Island’s marine biodiversity and join the 1% for the Planet movement!

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