Sessions London activated locally & made impact globally


In October 2022, 1% for the Planet launched our first Sessions event in London. Gathering business members, environmental partners and donors in our network, the event brought individuals in from London, Scotland and Ireland. Through advocacy, partnership building and collective action, the event provided an intimate setting that fostered meaningful connections.

“So often the connection at professional events is sector or speciality. Such a joy to be involved in an event where the common ground was everyone’s values” - Lindsey Dixon, Protect Our Winters UK

Two Days of Connection


Sessions London kicked off with an opening night fireside chat, highlighting longest standing business members like Grain Sustainability and IllustrationX.  Discussing membership histories in the UK region, individuals connected on what it meant to be together and a part of our greater network.

Day two was packed with more connection through studies, labs, chats and actions. Individuals started off the day by choosing one of three moments to join in on — an hour of yoga with Love Club, a run exploring London’s sights with Secret London Runs or making paper turtles with Sam Pierpoint.

After lunch, individuals attended two studies — The Power of Collective Action with betternotstop, twio and Pawprint, and Ripples of Effect with Bikmo.

From there, Sessions London moved onto a choice of three different labs to attend. Roy Kareen of Bright Green Future held Understanding Intersectionality, diving into the role it plays in bringing together social and environmental issues. Members of SHE Changes Climate held the Transformative Leadership Toolkit lab, highlighting their theory of change and how it leads to inclusive and resilient societies. Lastly, members of Protect Our Winters UK and Internet Fusion Group hosted the Support Beyond 1% lab,  focusing on frameworks for organizations to reduce their carbon footprints.

Led by 1% for the Planet employees, two chats were then held, teaching individuals how to maximize their membership and amplify their commitment. Open discussions and meaningful conversations filled the space with gratitude for our network.

Moving out into the greater city, attendees participated in a team challenge at Spitalfields City Farm, a climate city walking tour with Possible and a litter pick with Trash Free Trails.

Kate Williams, 1% for the Planet’s CEO, made closing remarks to celebrate the committed engagement and special in-person time individuals spent over the span of two days.

Stay in the loop for future events and experience the speakers from Global Summit 2022: Los Angeles.

"Commit, then figure it out"

Doug Tompkins, dear friend and one of the great influences of 1% for the Planet's founders.
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