The power of smart environmental networking & how it pushes businesses ahead of the curve

Caroline Knapp
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Bluefish, Striped Bass and other species tread through Atlantic waters, heading south toward their preferred temperatures every fall. This annual migration—along with smart environmental networking—inspired 1% for the Planet Member Noah Clothing to create a limited edition shirt with the help of their environmental partner Lonely Whale and fellow member Sway.

Photography by John Baskin.

Though they began the limited edition line with Nation FC, a local New York retail company, Noah Clothing realized they could harness the power of the 1% for the Planet network for a greater environmental impact. Their long-time partnership with Lonely Whale set the foundation for sharing knowledge and solving plastic problems in the fashion industry. According to a study in The State of Fashion report, the fashion industry accounts for up to 35% of ocean microplastics. Many of these plastics can be sourced back to the polybags used for packaging garments.

As the nonprofit powering the TOM FORD Plastic Innovator Prize and Accelerator, Lonely Whale had established relationships with leading organizations in the packaging industry—namely Sway, another 1% for the Planet member and 2023 Prize winner. Soon after connecting and forming a 1% for the Planet network relationship, Noah Clothing joined the Early Adopter coalition through the Accelerator. From there, Noah Clothing became one of the first brands to bring Sway’s prize-winning plastic solution, Firstwave™ Film, to the market and use the marine-safe plastic alternative for their shirt line. All of the limited edition shirt proceeds support Lonely Whale in their mission to prevent plastic from entering the ocean.

Photography by Sway.
“It’s a rare opportunity to help develop and foster more responsible methods of doing business, and helps us stay true to the ethos of the brand we’ve had since day one.” - Johnny Knapp, Community Manager at Noah Clothing

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Networking and industry connections aren’t the only benefits that come with 1% for the Planet membership. Our business members have access to a community of people who have been building their businesses for years—along with those just starting out. Finding a mentor in 1% for the Planet partnerships is what sets our network apart—and helps businesses get ahead of the game. Start your environmental giving journey, take the lead on environmental networking and become a member today.

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Doug Tompkins, dear friend and one of the great influences of 1% for the Planet's founders.
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