6 LGBTQIA-led organizations rooted in inclusion and advocacy


The green stripe on the pride flag represents nature—and allyship between the LGBTQIA+ community and the planet. Queer communities have historically been at the forefront of environmental justice, yet frequently left out of outdoor adventure and policy decisions. Environmental action is only effective when all voices are heard, included and honored, especially the voices of those most impacted by our changing world. Meet six LGBTQIA+ led  1% for the Planet Environmental Partners advancing justice, outdoor joy and a brighter future.

Meet the environmental partners:

Feminist Bird Club—blog image
Photography by Feminist Bird Club

Feminist Bird Club

Feminist Bird Club connects with the feminist and anti-racist movements while addressing intersectional struggles. Using their 5 Principles as a framework, folks at Feminist Bird Club fight for conservation and environmental justice through all their initiatives. With chapters and sister clubs around the globe, people from North America to Europe can be included in birding events and campaigns. See if you live by a local chapter by visiting their Chapter & Sister Clubs page!

Outdoorist Oath

Founded by Pattie Gonia, José González and Teresa Baker, Outdoorist Oath fosters a commitment to action that supports planet, inclusion and adventure. What starts as a two-hour workshop ends with action-based commitment and a framework on how to coexist with the natural world. The workshop is guided by a diverse group of facilitators that allow free expression and perspectives. Learn more about the Outdoorist Oath by signing up for a workshop on their page!

The Venture Out Project-min
Photography by The Venture Out Project

The Venture Out Project

The Venture Out Project leads backpacking and wilderness trips for LGBTQIA+ people across the United States. With work based in actively building queer and transgender communities outdoors, this environmental partner offers identity-specific overnight and day events, transgender inclusion workshops and more.

OUT for Sustainability

Created by and for LGBTQIA+ communities, OUT for Sustainability (OUT4S) promotes climate resilience and environmental justice. This environmental partner works alongside four sub-missions: representation, participation, redistribution and transformation. OUT4S offers collaborations, workshops, educational resources and training—all to focus on the needs of multiply-marginalized folks who disproportionately experience climate injustice.

Photography by Brave Trails

Brave Trails

Based in Los Angeles, Brave Trails is the first summer camp and community space for LGBTQIA+ youth. The camp fosters inclusion while helping youth find their people, place and passion. Brave Trails’ work extends beyond camp with mental health services, leadership programs and meet-up groups.

Rock Steady Farm-min
Photography by Rock Steady Farm

Rock Steady Farm

Rock Steady Farm is a queer-owned and operated cooperative vegetable farm in New York rooted in social justice, food access and farmer training. Their mission works toward ensuring everyone—especially LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities—have the right to high-quality produce. Rock Steady Farm strives to steward their land with regenerative agriculture practices.

Take Action

Support LGBTQIA+ folks by actively listening to their voices and including them in the climate fight—this June and beyond. Connect with more queer-led environmental partners and start your giving journey today!

"Commit, then figure it out"

Doug Tompkins, dear friend and one of the great influences of 1% for the Planet's founders.
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