Individual members

1% for the Planet creates a way that every day, every person has the opportunity to make a difference. Individuals are a growing part of the 1% for the Planet movement. Anyone can join and donate 1% of their salary to our approved nonprofits via monetary donations and/or volunteer support.


Member benefits

  • Belong to a diverse and powerful global network of businesses and individuals supporting a full spectrum of environmental solutions.

  • Leverage our partnership advising service to find nonprofit partners and support the causes and communities you care about most.

  • Incorporate a structured commitment to the environment into your lifestyle.

  • Receive an individual member logo and other branded collateral to communicate your membership and encourage others to join you in making a bold statement for our planet.

  • Gain access to the amazing 1% for the Planet network—including exclusive offers from member brands and invites to special events.

  • Rest assured that your support is making a difference for our planet.

Flexible giving options

Like businesses, we offer flexible giving options for individuals and advise them to ensure their giving aligns with the issues they care about most.

For example, an individual who makes $40,000 annually has a 1% pledge amount of $400 and can meet it via one of these ways:

  • 100% monetary donation (1% of the $40,000 salary, or $400)

  • 100% volunteer support (volunteer time valued at $25 USD/hour, or 16 hours)

  • Any combination of both methods (for instance, 50% of each would equate to a $200 monetary donation and 8 hours of volunteer time)


Our newest (and simplest) way for individual members to give back.

Looking for a good place to start that provides a little extra guidance?
We suggest becoming a My Planet Pass holder.


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Join the growing community of individuals who are already stepping up and taking action for our planet!