Stories of partnership and impact

Dig into the impact of environmental giving and the transformative potential of partnerships through these inspiring stories of members and environmental partners in the 1% for the Planet's global network.
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Mad Agriculture and the grain revival movement
Mad Agriculture works to preserve local biodiversity and improve the nutritional value of crops through traditional seed-saving methods.
Four environmental partners using education to uplift women
Access to education is key when it comes to uplifting women's voices–especially in the environmental space.
Amplifying Canada's First Nations through film
Untold Storytelling and Water First are partnering with Indigenous Communities to address water rights.
Sway is using 1% for the Planet’s flexible giving model in the seaweed revolution
Sway is using seaweed biotechnology to replace plastic packaging and stimulate regenerative practices where we least expect it.
1% for the Planet rides with the Louisiana Bucket Brigade
Our Environmental Partners team connected with Louisiana Bucket Brigade working to end destruction caused by the petrochemical industry.
How 1% for the Planet partnerships are fueling coral restoration
Almost half of Counting Coral's funds have come from 1% for the Planet partnerships
Partnerships formed from the peat up
Coldhouse Collective is using their filmmaking skills to uplift organizations in the outdoors, adventure and science spaces.
Are you a buyer, a builder or a regenerator?
Philanthropy is about so much more than lofty one-time gifts. As all 1% for the Planet members know, collective action adds up.