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You've probably heard the term "fast fashion" popping up in conversations, articles, and documentaries over the past few years. This buzzword refers to cheap, made-to-replace clothing, and has gained worldwide attention because of its rather hefty social and environmental implications. Fast fashion costs much more than the $15 we spend on a t-shirt: there are costs on our communities, our health, and our environment. Natural resources are extracted at unsustainable rates, greenhouse gases accumulate with transport, textile waste is a major polluter, and toxic chemicals and dyes leach into our soils and waterways — just to name a few of the consequences.

Luckily, the 1% for the Planet global network includes apparel and accessory brands striving to turn this around with products that are not only stylish, but sustainable. This movement is often referred to as slow fashion, dubbed for its critical eye on the supply chain and high-quality products that last longer and waste less. For consumers, investing in slow fashion options is the smart choice for countless reasons. From tracing our clothing choices back to its origins (are its materials organic? Are they grown in ways that invigorate rather than deplete land,as well as support local economies?) to looking toward the future to see how long this product will last and where it will end up (thrown in the trash? Upcycled? Handed down to younger family members, or passed along to a thrift shop to find a second home?), the pieces that make up your everyday wardrobe can also actively support the health of our planet!

You know you're buying from responsible brands when you choose to shop from 1% for the Planet members. These are the brands and people that choose to take responsibility and give back every day. They look to produce high quality, long-lasting goods and also invest a portion of sales into nonprofits creating positive environmental impact. From head to toe, sunglasses to socks, our global network has all types of styles covered to up your fashion game AND give back to environmental initiatives around the world.

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  • Shel Accessories: created from recycled materials, including textiles woven from recycled plastic bottles in the USA.

  • Crown Trails Headwear gives back 8% of the wholesale price of each hat sold to the designated trail organizations or non-profit partners to support healthy trails for all to enjoy.Take Today

  • Community creates conscious hats, clothing, and accessories, specializing in "The Dad Hat."



  • Goodr - a California-based, rapidly-growing running sunglasses brand that ensures the environments you run in stay protected.

  • REVOLV Eyewear - affordable eyewear for the adventurous, with sustainability at its core.

  • Sunski - timeless designs that can handle a life well-lived.

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  • Pashko - 100% reclaimed fabrics clothing that gives back to nonprofits focused on textile recycling, fashion responsibility, transportation/energy, water quality, and science-related work.

  • SeekDryGoods - quality, authentic, and responsibly sourced lifestyle goods for those who love the outdoors.

  • Bohemian Folk - organic, go-to wardrobe staples designed to be mixed, matched, and layered.

  • Lady Farmer - functional, fashionable, sustainable clothing and products for the intentional lifestyle.

  • Toad&Co. - sustainable, versatile women's dresses that can be worn "from trail to tavern."

  • Boyish Jeans - jeans reminiscent of your favorite vintage pair, but with modern details and a laid-back California feel.

  • Sitka - natural, recycled, and organic fabrics that are 100% renewable and biodegradable made to last.

  • MotherTongues - global phrases printed on Fair Trade, organic cotton t-shirts from a brand that supports local and national food bank initiatives, the American Cancer Society, Green America, and nonprofit partners within our network.

  • Salty Salmon - apparel that encourages buyers to swim upstream against the norms of how others consume while supporting the Alliance for the Great Lakes.

  • Everyday California - a California lifestyle and ocean adventure company that gives back to the environment with not only apparel and accessories, but kayaking, snorkel, and SUP tours.

  • Seager - quality men's shirts and headwear influenced by the West.

  • Ridge Merino - offering premium Merino wool apparel and accessories that also integrates TENCEL fabrics, recycled polyester, and other eco-friendly materials.

  • Western Rise - performance clothing built with highly technical fabrics for outdoors, travel, and every day.

  • The Parks Apparel - fashionable outdoor apparel and brands for fresh-air enthusiasts, adventurers, explorers and wanderers.

  • Flood Tide Co - apparel and accessories with unique designs and artwork inspired by adventure.

  • Oaklandish - civic pride-evoking tees that give back to the people and places that better the Oakland, CA community.

  • Little Lentil Clothing - ethical, organic baby clothes inspired by nature.

  • Aqua Vida - apparel that is more durable and friendly to the environment and the human body and that reduces carbon emissions.

  • Boody - an Australian born basics label for women, men and babies, made from organic chemical-free bamboo yarn.

  • THOM KELLY - custom designed apparel using eco-friendly fabrics, ethical manufacturing, and giving back.

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  • Monique Rotteveel - yoga, surfing, and running gear designed in Europe with unique, feminine prints.

  • Bewildher Fitwear LTD. - eco-friendly and ethically-made in Canada activewear empowering women to be wilder with fair wages.

  • Mana Threads - female activewear inspired by Vermont's outdoor lifestyle combined with the owner's passion for the colors, energy, and vibrancy of Brazil.

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  • Aloha Bling - Hawaii-made accessories that feature gemstones either grown in crystal labs or recycled and upcycled from old pieces of jewelry.

  • Nicole Ringgold - botanical jewelry inspired by the plants, sights, smells, and sounds encountered while experiencing natural surroundings.

  • Komo Koa Jewelry - wooden watches and jewelry that support healthier forest and aquatic ecosystems in Hawaii.

  • Amy Greely Studio - handcrafted artisan jewelry.

  • Thesis Gems - fine jewelry with ethically sourced, environmentally sustainable gems and pearls.

  • AGOOA Jewelry - high-quality pieces that support the environment, under-resourced communities and preservation of African elephants

  • Alexandra Barron Designs - eye-catching jewelry made out of recycled tires





Belts and other accessories

  • Aplat - sturdy, reusable and washable bags created from sustainable materials and sewn by women in San Francisco.

  • Cursor & Thread - suspenders, bow ties, neckties, pocket squares, bandanas and more products proudly handmade in the US or Canada in small batches using only the highest quality ingredients.

  • VAVA Lingerie - created with laces that are deadstock, surplus yardage from larger manufacturers and mills at the end of their production cycles.

  • Between The Sheets - loungewear, lingerie, robes, and pajamas with eco-friendly manufacturing and packaging processes.

  • Maniwala - bags and wallets made from hemp & pineapple — zero plastic needed!

  • Flowfold - 40% reclaimed material wallets that support nonprofits Little Bellas, American Rivers, and 350.org.

  • The ANDI Brand - bags lined with recycled plastic bottle fabric striving for a more ethical, innovative, connected, empowered, and loving world.

  • Gitchi Adventure Goods - patches, tennants, prints, notebooks that live by the principles of sustainability, inclusivity, transparency, authentic relationships, humility, gratitude, curiosity and learning, kindness, and having fun.

  • Farrier Leather - sustainably-sourced leather bags that give back to The Savory Institute, a nonprofit that educates and advocates for holistic land management, restoring natural grasslands around the world.

  • Pesca Muerta - proud family-owned small business that sells hats, stickers, and dog accessories.

  • Cedar Ravine - bags, beanies, scarves, and other accessories committed to a laid-back, Cali style.

  • elSage Designs - apothecary, bags, wallets, jewelry, stickers, totes, tea towels, hats, and apparel that gives back to nonprofits like Viva Farms and Bike Works.

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  • Miz Mooz - stylish women’s shoes crafted in New York City that combine functionality, unique detailing, and a vintage twist.

  • Two Degrees - the world's most comfortable boat shoes -- and every pair purchased protects 1,000 square feet of endangered habitat around the world. Check out their kickstarter!

  • Kyrgies - super cozy, handmade house shoes made with natural wool and a pledge for responsible business.

  • SeaVee's - comfortable sneakers with the sophistication of a dressier shoe.

  • Bedrock Sandals - equal parts big adventure and simple living, Bedrock Sandals are built for the boundless and donate to nonprofit partners like Mattole Restoration Council, Salmon River Restoration Council, Compass Green, and City Slicker Farms.

  • Osom Brand - socks created with no water, chemicals, dyes or pesticides in the manufacturing process.

  • Conscious Step - socks that give back to a specific cause with every purchase - from tree planting to water protection to disease fighting.

  • Oliberté - sustainable fair trade footwear brand supporting workers' rights in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Tidal New York - sustainably made flip flops and the company's factory is staffed almost exclusively by Veterans.

By making conscious consumer choices, you are participating in a global movement that helps to turn things around. Next time you go shopping, look for our logo to know which brands give back, and think slow — slow fashion that is.

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