Our impact


All together for the planet

We say that a lot—because we mean it. We can do far more together than we can alone. And, saving our planet takes more than what one person, company or organization can do on its own. That’s where we play a role.

Since our inception in 2002, 1% for the Planet has helped to direct hundreds of millions of dollars to environmental nonprofits around the world. However, we didn’t do it alone. 1% for the Planet is a network of like-minded individuals, businesses, donors and nonprofit organizations working together toward a common goal: protecting the future of our planet.

We've seen firsthand how a single collective action by a dedicated group of people can create a world of difference.

Our impact is not simply the movement of money toward a worthy cause. It's businesses and individuals taking responsibility for the environment. It's conscious consumers who purchase for the planet. It's donors that make their money matter. It's our approved nonprofit organizations going to work. It's our dedicated network collectively taking action.


Total giving across our six core issue areas in 2018














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At a glance:

Our value proposition

Why 1% for the Planet?

1% for the Planet is an innovative and accessible way to support the environment. Our movement of businesses and individuals takes real responsibility for our planet. Whether making smarter giving decisions, creatively collaborating or leveraging the 1% for the Planet brand to encourage everyone to purchase for the planet, the network we’ve created delivers greater support for environmental solutions in need of increased support.

Forming partnerships

The foundation of the 1% for the Planet network is the member-nonprofit partnership. Our business and individual members engage directly with approved nonprofit partners, providing financial donations, volunteer time, in-kind donations, and other shared-value collaborations. Thriving partnerships help deliver longer-term support and greater impact.


Partnership advising

We give businesses and individuals expert advice about strategic giving to environmental nonprofits. Our recommendations encourage each business to invest in brand and mission-aligned nonprofit solutions that are critical for the planet and that help the business thrive. Similarly, we encourage individuals to align their giving with their personal vision of a healthy planet, while helping them focus on nonprofit solutions creating the greatest impact.


Third-party certification provides credibility and represents an annual opportunity for business and individual members to assess their giving strategy. Businesses share verification of their annual sales and donation receipts from their nonprofit partners at the end of their fiscal year. Individuals self-report their salary and share receipts from nonprofit partners at the end of the calendar year. We confirm that each member is fulfilling their annual 1% commitment.



Amplifying impact

We can do more together than we can alone. The expertise and support we provide helps businesses, individuals, and nonprofits directly work together to deliver greater impact. Our brand and network create opportunities for collaboration, learning and inspired storytelling that makes environmental giving easier, smarter, and more accessible to all.