1% for the Planet network shows up big at the Global Climate Strike


September proved to be the biggest month of all time for climate change. Our media partner Grist reported that Google search inquiries for ‘climate change’ surpassed other topical news such as ‘impeachment’ and, for the first time ever, even ‘Game of Thrones.’ This spike in interest undoubtedly stems from the work of Greta Thunberg and the Global Climate Strikes.

This strike is the largest climate mobilization in history and marks a turning point. Younger generations will no longer let our climate crisis be ignored. Millions of companies and individuals are waking up to realize they can, and should, be doing more for the future of our planet, too.

1% for the Planet members show up big at the Global Climate Strike

Our members are committed to bettering our planet. Everyday, they give back to environmental organizations through their 1% for the Planet membership. But, it doesn’t stop there. Our members are true warriors for the planet and often go above and beyond this 1% monetary commitment. And during the Global Climate Strikes, they showed up big.

We like to think that 1% for the Planet members are generally leading the way in environmental advocacy. But, this September, they followed the lead of our world’s youth and took to the streets to support them in the Global Climate Strike.

From September 20-27, over 7.6 million people around the world joined in the Global Climate Strike. Here are just a few ways our members joined in:


Earlier this year, Patagonia changed their mission statement to “Patagonia is in business to save our home planet.” This is a mission they take seriously. And during the Climate Strikes, they showed their support by closing their doors and stepping out into the streets.

CEO Rose Marcario urged everyone to join in the Global Climate Strikes and urgently stated: Enough is enough. In solidarity with the Global Climate Strike, Patagonia enlisted youth climate activists for their powerful Facing Extinction campaign. The campaign encourages everyone to text CLIMATE to 71333 to tell Congress to act on our climate crisis.

SPELL & The Gypsy Collective

Spell & The Gypsy Collective joined 1% for the Planet in 2018. But, in 2019, they’ve taken their commitment to the environment to the next level. As one of our largest members in Australia, we were thrilled to see their team marching in the streets along side the youth in the Climate Strike.

Earlier this year, Spell held a retreat with their nonprofit partner, the Climate Council, to reach a better understanding of climate change and what they could do to help protect our planet. Here you can learn all about their discussions Around the Campfire.

Pukka Herbs

Pukka Herbs has always believed in benefitting the health of people, plants and the planet. Since their start in 2001, Pukka took on the initiatives of organic farming, fair trade and conservation as part of their business. In 2019, they decided that was not enough.

Pukka joined in the Climate Strike in Bristol, UK. On the same day, they declared a Climate Emergency and announced their commitment to be complete Carbon Neutral by 2030.



KeepCup joined the 1% for the Planet network in 2019—and they’ve already made a massive impact. This company has always had sustainability at the forefront of their business. In 2019, they made this commitment even stronger through there member, and they continue to step up in incredible ways for our planet.


As a 1% for the Planet member, Oteas has sustainability built into their business, with 100% plastic free packaging, biodegradable teabags and zero waste products. They participated in the Climate Strikes in their home city of Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada.

Brew Dr. Kombucha

Brew Dr. was thrilled to support the efforts of #ClimateStrike leaders and youth in their hometown of Portland, Oregon. Some of their team participated in the morning march and then spent the afternoon handing out free kombucha cans at the Climate Festival that followed. They turned over our Instagram stories to amplify the message of a few of the inspiring young people that they met along the way.

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Australian member Onya believes that all of us benefit from living in a healthy, stable climate. As a certified B Corp and a 1% for the Planet member, being socially and environmentally responsible is incredibly important to them. Their managing director, Hayley Clarke, wanted to support the team to strike for climate. Hayley took an extended lunch break with a couple of our team members to participate in the Climate Strike in Perth, Western Australia.

Photo credit: Onya

Photo credit: Onya

Huddle Insurance

The Huddle Insurance team joined in the Climate Strikes along the Australian coast—from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast.

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Natracare is a new 1% for the Planet member, joining just this year. However, their founder and director Susie Hewson, has been an adamant activist for the environment for over 30 years.

Natracare joined in the Climate Strike in Bristol, UK. The team proudly sported their red “Plastic Free Periods” tees and Susie danced around in her red cape with an alarm clock—noting that time is running out.

Photo credit: Natracare

Photo credit: Natracare

Khala & Co.

Khala & Co. marched in Boulder, Colorado touting signs that held messages that really with us here at 1% for the Planet, such as “PLANET OVER PROFITS” and “NO BEER ON A DEAD PLANET.”


Backpacker’s Pantry

The Backpacker’s Pantry team joined Khala & Co. in Boulder to strike in 1% for the Planet member solidarity.


Wandering Folk

Wandering Folk is a small company that knows the importance of a thriving future. Wandering Folk owner Sharnee Thorpe can be seen below striking with her daughter Velvet. This small team shut down operations for the day to join the Climate March in Pottsville, NSW Australia.

Dupe VFX

Dupe VFX produces visual effects for film and television. On September 20, they stepped away from their computer monitors and joined the Climate Strike at Hackney Town Hall in London.


Australian Ethical

Australian Ethical knows a thing or two about investing in the future. Their team joined the Climate Strike in Australia as they continue to set an example for ethical, sustainable business.

Legacy Vacation Resorts

Legacy Vacation Resorts understands the environmental impact of the tourism industry. That’s why they work toward creating a more sustainable business and educating people on the issues surrounding climate change.

1% for the Planet nonprofit partners join in, too.

It’s no surprise that thousands of environmental organizations joined in the Global Climate Strike. Here are a few highlights from nonprofit organizations that took to the streets in their local communities.


A new nonprofit in our network, EuroNatur joined in the Climate Strike in the city of Constance, Germany. With a population of just 83,000, over 10,000 people joined in the strike.


Environmental Justice Foundation

The Environmental Justice Foundation truly joined in the Climate Strike on a global level with staff striking from their office all the way to Ghana, Thailand, Germany, and Indonesia, Taiwan and the UK.

Please note: There are thousands of businesses and organizations within our network around the world. In a network of environmental doers, there’s a good chance we didn’t catch every member’s actions at the Global Climate Strikes.

Are you a 1% for the Planet member that participated in the Global Climate Strike? Send pictures from your #ClimateStrike to jaclyn@onepercentfortheplanet.org and we’ll add them here!