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on September 01, 2017


We believe in the power of everyday actions, like which beer you choose to buy and drink. That's why we're focusing on #mybeerourplanet, a campaign to spread the word about the best beer choices you can make: 1% for the Planet member businesses! The explosion of the craft beer scene in recent years has often been in the form of cans (or growlers), which can be conveniently more easy to enjoy out in nature itself. But it's not just distribution where change is present, these members are known for being industry leaders in everything from sourcing and production to video storytelling and environmental advocacy. Learn more about their environmental focus and inspiring nonprofit partnerships below.

Cheers to New Members


The past few months have been a busy time at 1% for the Planet as we’ve welcomed a hundreds of new businesses, including a fair number of craft breweries. In Virginia, Vasen Brewing Co. just launched with a sustainable focus and is already celebrating their membership with some awesome co-branded coasters (see above). Hanging Hills Brewery in Connecticut, launched with an environmental focus that includes using spent grain for animal feed instead of waste and was further inspired to join us after one of our recent network events. Sunday Beer Co. in Brooklyn just officially launched last month in several city restaurants and stores - look for our logo on their cans - but are expanding rapidly. Family-owned Smog City, based in Torrance, California, announced their membership in July and they already have a great nonprofit partnership story with Food Forward. Did you know that some of our member businesses join with a product line or brand? Vermont-based Zero Gravity joined this summer with their new Bobolink Saison that gives back to protect the habitat of these local grassland birds. New Japanese member Yorocco Beer has also joined with their Biwi Vana brand (see below) that is launching this month - their tap room is in a local muffin shop in Zushi.

Environmental Issues & Partnerships:

Water quality and sustainable transportation are two recurring themes among many of our craft brewery members. Maine Beer Company not only gives back but advocates for environmental regulations - such as fighting the recent EPA plan to repeal clean water regulations - and communicates their commitment in ways that truly resonate with customers (see full story). Portland, Oregon-based Hopworks Urban Brewery, who believes that "Good Beer Does Good" (see video below) supports nonprofit partners in several areas including The Freshwater Trust (see full story) and also bicycle advocacy. They’ve also recently had a successful collaboration with Patagonia Provisions to produce Long Root Ale using the sustainable Kernza grain, a perennial grain developed by nonprofit partner The Land Institute. Another brewery focused on the agricultural impact of beer is Pure Project (see above) in San Diego who focuses on small batches with fresh ingredients and a strong focus on environmental awareness.

Good Beer Does Good - Hopworks Urban Brewery from Hopworks Brewery on Vimeo.

New Belgium Brewing, known for Fat Tire and approaching ten years of 1% for the Planet membership, has donated more than $8 million to environmental nonprofits through grants to programs like Boise Bicycle Project and in 2016 alone, employees donated 4,220 hours of volunteer time to their local communities (read our full story). On the east coast, 3Cross Brewing - named for a classic bicycle spoke pattern - focuses on bikes throughout their business, including donations to similarly focused nonprofits such as Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition. California’s Topa Topa Brewing Company highlights their community spirit in their quarterly #PintswithaPurpose event nights that raise awareness for their local nonprofits like Los Padres ForestWatch, Ventura Hillsides Conservancy, CalWild, and the Surfrider Foundation and give back in a fun way (full story coming soon). But our beer members aren’t limited to the US. In Japan, we have Baird Brewing, one of the first craft breweries in that country, who gives back to The Nature Conservation Society of Japan. In Canada, Ace Hill Beer’s partnership with Lake Ontario Waterkeeper was focused in a visible way through the $10,000 annual sponsorship of their Swim Guide. The app includes weather and water quality results for over 6,000 beaches in the the US and Canada to help people answer the question: is it safe to swim?

Some of our other craft beer members include Red Clay Brewing Company in Alabama, House Brewing in California, Beer Creative in Australia, and Liquid Mountain Brewing in Scotland.

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